Thai Green Curry with Rice (V)


Backcountry Wok’s take on the classic Thai-inspired green curry. The perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness. This green curry is infused with all the right herbs and flavors for a mouth-watering, aromatic experience with every bite!

Each pouch makes 2 servings.

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Product By: Backcountry Wok

INGREDIENTS: White rice • carrots • potatoes • organic coconut milk powder • spinach • garlic • shallots • green chillis • lemongrass • salt • galangal • kaffir lime peel • cumin powder • coriander seeds • turmeric


1. Add 2 cup of hot water to the heat resistant pouch (to the fill line).

2. Seal pouch & wait for 15-20 minutes. Shake occasionally.

3. Enjoy & compost pouch after use.


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