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Glass Pass – BC Business

“Taking the bus with a tote bag full of jars isn’t the ideal errand, so Vancouverite Elisa Lauzier founded WiseFill for eco-conscious folks who don’t have a lot of time (or a car). The zero-waste delivery service, which launched in January, offers a variety of household cleaning and personal care products in glass jars. After your first order, they pick up the jars and sanitize them for reuse. WiseFill also has next-day delivery five days a week, so they’ve got you covered for soap emergencies.”

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Recent Customer Reviews:


“Hi WiseFill! 
I purchased a large refillable hand soap and dish soap and absolutely love it! 
The service was incredible and very easy to do online. I am looking forward to filling my home with more sustainable WiseFill products!”

– Alyson

“WiseFill is a dream! The switch to using refillable products was so easy and convenient, and ultimately much more cost effective long term. They offer so many beautiful environmentally conscious products, and always seem to be adding more. Elisa, the founder of WiseFill, has always been the one to deliver my products and she is phenomenal. Clearly very passionate about finding ways to reduce our environmental impact but meets people where they’re at in a non-judgemental way by helping you find products that fit your lifestyle and routines.”

– Amy Bortoluzzi